Summer Cohort

The Summer Cohort is a vivacious, diverse group of start-ups ranging from a funding marketplace for entrepreneurs to a low-cost HPV detector!


Acta empowers local governments to close the feedback loop with their constituents. Through our digital platform, we streamline the collection of insightful data from residents to drive better decision-making by local governments. Equity is at the core of our model, and our data-driven platform ensures all residents have an equitable stake in how their community is governed and developed.

Anansi uses an app platform to match students with teachers in their communities so that anyone can share and learn skills for free.

Phoenyx is a company that creates ethical and sustainable bags from recycled billboard to offer jobs to people experiencing homelessness.

Phyta designs new strategies for seaweed cultivation to promote plastic substitutes, climate resilience, and economic development. Phyta also strives to support the development of the marine carbon and nutrient credit market to meet growing global demand for marine-based companies that actively support planetary health. Check us out at, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @phytaseaweed.


Quest2College is a web-based simulation that helps underserved middle school students develop strategies to prepare for, get accepted to, afford and complete college. Through a series of 20 real-life missions, users build an avatar and navigate an imaginary journey from middle school to college graduation—while encountering barriers along the way.


Raise Technologies is building a marketplace for entrepreneurial and social ventures to identify and access funding opportunities from institutions, foundations, donors, and angel investors by delivering better connections and insights through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


SaniStation is a maneuverable pod that houses basic hygiene essentials and hand washing water in public locations.


Shearless is an online marketplace for digital sewing patterns. Patternmakers can upload SVG files of their patterns either for free or for sale, and other users can purchase them and either print them out on paper using a desktop printer, or use CNC machines to cut the patterns directly out of fabric. Shearless also provides forums for sewists to discuss their projects, and provides tutorials about digital patternmaking and all the steps of using Shearless to execute one’s creative vision.

sp0t is a mobile app featuring a customizable map of unique places around you. sp0t’s “spots” consist of private places found and shared by your friends, and the highest rated public places pulled in from other travel guides. sp0t brings the personalities of these places to life by creating digital guestbooks at each spot, containing location-specific content that you can unlock and contribute to once you go there.

X2_Health_Logo_Color (1).jpg

X2 Health is developing the first low-cost, non-invasive, rapid-result device that detects the presence of high-risk strains of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Our goal is to help reduce the incidence of cervical cancer globally by providing an affordable and feasible test for the early detection of HPV.