Cohort 11

Cohort 11 is a vivacious, diverse group of start-ups ranging from rideshare advertisements to transformative healthcare!

Cadre VR Logo square.jpg

Cadre VR is a virtual reality media company specializing in 3D 180-degree and 360-degree video content. We create narrative VR films as well as VR social media marketing services.


City News Beat is a nationwide, local news network for connected television. In a hub and spoke production model, City News Beat applies trending topic data of local interest to produce video stories daily, adds local weather highlights, World News, Entertainment News and stories of interest for Enthusiasts from publisher brands you already know.  Our tech stitches all of these elements together, with a host who delivers an updated, informative, binge-worthy local news experience on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung TVs.

Everywhere Ad is a rideshare advertising platform for small businesses. We pay Uber and Lyft drivers to market small/local businesses to rideshare passengers through our mobile advertising platform. Drivers increase their income, passengers get exclusive deals, and small businesses can grow their customer base!

IndyCare transforms independent pharmacies into collaborative healthcare hubs that communities look to for acute care, screenings, diagnostics and holistic support and insight into how to be well and stay well.

Ozanam- Coming soon!

Phyta— Coming Soon!

Spot is a mobile app that gives users access to a public map of interesting places found by other users like hidden gems in nature, dive bars, and unique restaurants. Each Spot has a unique community and digital guestbook of content created by those that have visited it, and can be unlocked by going to the Spot and checking in with GPS.


Trafficlight is an activity-based social connection app for connecting like-minded people who've collided in the real world.

Uniqod— Coming Soon!

Visual Data Tools— Coming Soon!