Cohort 10

Cohort 10 is a vivacious, diverse group of start-ups ranging from talent management software to natural beauty products!


Aspire — We are developing a platform that empowers recent graduates to efficiently and strategically find a job in the industry of their choice. Our mission is to change the employment landscape by changing unemployment into an empowering and entrepreneurial experience. Aspire’s platform is designed around three core objectives: first, using machine learning to track and facilitate networking opportunities and job applications; second, building educational content to reframe a user’s job seeking experience; and third, and most importantly, keeping users motivated through in-app accountability coaching. At Aspire we turn struggle into ambition and believe that everyone can achieve greatness.

Be Pure Beauty — We are an ALL natural retailer of makeup, skin care, and wellness.  We research and check the ingredients, so you can simply shop clean beauty.

Lead for America recruits, trains, and places our nation’s most promising leaders in two-year local government fellowships in their hometowns and regions struggling to attract and retain talent. Over the course of the two years, LFA Fellows will gain a new perspective and appreciation of local government, understand the most pressing issues facing our communities, establish relationships with partner universities and organizations, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing alumni network of passionate leaders, who together will continue to serve as transformational public service leaders in communities across the nation.

Producktiv gives you a fitness tracker for your work day. We develop evidence-based solutions to measurably enhance your productivity in a way that feels fun, social, and effortless.

Push Play Sing facilitates music creation for high need populations through the use of adaptive music technology.

Raw is an all-natural, aloe-based performance gel that improves performance, prevents pain, and helps with recovery so you can get back to doing what you love.

RecruitRef is an online platform that enables high school athletes to showcase their athletic and academic achievements in order to earn a college athletic scholarship. Athlete profiles, freely accessible to coaches, include an athlete's grades, test scores and videos of the athlete competing, and athletes have access to a suite of analytics and marketing tools to track their progress recruiting and promote their profile.

Resistor Brews –  We're making kombucha that tastes good with packaging that our customers appreciate. 

Stratus TMS, LLC develops SaaS enterprise applications for Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion functions.  The first product, ERG Insight™, helps organizations manage the rapid growth of self-directed employee teams that promote diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and product innovation.  ERG Insight™ is the platform for managing diverse teams and aligning, aggregating and reporting their initiatives, metrics, action plans and events.  ERG Insight™ is a first-to-market application that provides a platform for changing the way organizations engage, leverage and recognize internal teams to enhance organization performance.

Wonder Crate is a subscription box that inspires kids to use their strengths and skills to make a positive social impact. Each monthly box educates, entertains and empowers kids to be the change they wish to see in the world