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We are developing a platform that empowers recent graduates to efficiently and strategically find a job in the industry of their choice. Our mission is to change the employment landscape by changing unemployment into an empowering and entrepreneurial experience. Aspire’s platform is designed around three core objectives: first, using machine learning to track and facilitate networking opportunities and job applications; second, building educational content to reframe a user’s job seeking experience; and third, and most importantly, keeping users motivated through in-app accountability coaching. At Aspire we turn struggle into ambition and believe that everyone can achieve greatness.


We are an ALL natural retailer of makeup, skin care, and wellness.  We research and check the ingredients, so you can simply shop clean beauty.


Lead for America recruits, trains, and places our nation’s most promising leaders in two-year local government fellowships in their hometowns and regions struggling to attract and retain talent. Over the course of the two years, LFA Fellows will gain a new perspective and appreciation of local government, understand the most pressing issues facing our communities, establish relationships with partner universities and organizations, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing alumni network of passionate leaders, who together will continue to serve as transformational public service leaders in communities across the nation.


Push Play Sing facilitates music creation for high need populations through the use of adaptive music technology.


Producktiv gives you a fitness tracker for your work day. We develop evidence-based solutions to measurably enhance your productivity in a way that feels fun, social, and effortless.


Raw is an all-natural, aloe-based performance gel that improves performance, prevents pain, and helps with recovery so you can get back to doing what you love.


RecruitRef is an online platform that enables high school athletes to showcase their athletic and academic achievements in order to earn a college athletic scholarship. Athlete profiles, freely accessible to coaches, include an athlete's grades, test scores and videos of the athlete competing, and athletes have access to a suite of analytics and marketing tools to track their progress recruiting and promote their profile.


Resistor Brews –  We're making kombucha that tastes good with packaging that our customers appreciate. 


Stratus TMS, LLC develops SaaS enterprise applications for Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion functions.  The first product, ERG Insight™, helps organizations manage the rapid growth of self-directed employee teams that promote diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and product innovation.  ERG Insight™ is the platform for managing diverse teams and aligning, aggregating and reporting their initiatives, metrics, action plans and events.  ERG Insight™ is a first-to-market application that provides a platform for changing the way organizations engage, leverage and recognize internal teams to enhance organization performance.


Wonder Crate is a subscription box that inspires kids to use their strengths and skills to make a positive social impact. Each monthly box educates, entertains and empowers kids to be the change they wish to see in the world


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Let's Room Together

Let’s Room Together transforms the grad life experience by tackling two of the most painful parts of going to school; finding the right roommate, and completing the virtual “grad prep checklist”. We provide incoming students with a vibrant online social community, proprietary roommate pairing software, and curated prep guides to make the transition back to campus easier to navigate.

British Taxi

British Taxi is a gold medalist in the street level engagement category. Our machines are wrapped and dispatched into North America's biggest retail areas to stimulate sales. These power tools wow as pop up shops and POS systems, marketers and brand builders utilize our fleet to send messaging in to the country's most exclusive shopping zones such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Daily Fantasy Insider

Daily Fantasy Insider is a content provider for daily fantasy sports players. Our unique platform makes the process of building lineups extremely efficient. We strive to help our players have more fun and have more success in their fantasy sports ventures.

Moyo Medical

Moyo Medical Technologies is a biotechnology startup dedicated to developing women’s healthcare technologies for use in low-resource settings.

Viva Biliteracy

Viva Biliteracy is addressing the needs of the dual language schools by providing K-5 Spanish curriculum combined with professional development.

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Point* is a platform leveraging blockchain technology for merchants to run their loyalty reward programs on Ethereum network, bringing in transparency, interoperability, and convenience to both consumers and businesses.

Our platform helps businesses to issue their reward points as ERC20 tokens on the immutable Ethereum ledger, and allows customers to easily hold all their rewards in one location with our app.

Cohort 8

Boro Beverage is a local, non-alcoholic craft beverage company. It focused on producing high quality, naturally fermented drinks in small batches, sourced and inspired by NC agriculture.                         

EmpowerRT helps people in developing countries to improve radiation cancer treatment without spending millions of dollars.  It provides UNC- developed clinically tested software, personalized device fabrication know how and training to improve cancer treatment quality similar to modern technology but at 5-10% of the cost.  


Jobalo makes it easier for high school and college students to get jobs. We aggregate part-time jobs, internships, volunteer and contract work onto a single platform, only for students.

Path BioAnalytics

Path BioAnalytics is an emerging biotech company developing assays and databases for precision medicine by combining world-class epithelial cell culture technology with cutting-edge analytics. 

We Are

We Are provides anti-racism educational programs for students, parents and educators.  It uses a three-pronged approach to dismantle systemic racism in education and beyond through summer camps for kids, workshops for parents and professional development for educators.


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AI Tracking Solutions provides a cloud-based software service, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, for accurate and high throughput analysis of video microscopy data. This innovation has created the world's first software that can accurately and objectively extract particle path data from video microscopy data.


ChartMyMatch is a technology company that provides granular tennis stat to players of all skill levels. We currently work with ATP and WTA professionals, as well as amateurs across the world to provide highly customized statistical analysis.  


enrollmentFUEL is a communications, management, and training solution that uses both art and science to match aspiring students with purposeful outcomes at higher education institutions that ultimately build the ecosystems that improveour communities and world.* creates transformative artificial intelligence solutions to improve the overall medical experience for the doctor and patient utilizing the latest emerging technologies.

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VIYB provides an online platform that creates an effective, simplified, and personalized process for matching mental health therapists with patients using
matching algorithms and an improved customer-centric navigation experience.


Gameflo creates digital products that engage children through their interest in sports and incorporate elements of game design to introduce principles of Computational Thinking. Our mission is to increase access to essential skills in technology and bridge the digital divide, with a focus on minority populations.

Brilliant You designs and manufactures women custom denim apparel. Our patented designs incorporate stretchy triangle-shaped material, called enhancements, into the denim seam that conforms to your unique body shape.

Clarametrics* is a simple, powerful dashboard solution to organize, view, and interpret data clearly and from anywhere in the world. Its unique data visualizations and analytics expertise offer powerful insights that drive the marketing, ecommerce, and growth goals that businesses need in order to grow and flourish.

GoKart is a transportation service much like Uber but for kids ages 6- 17.  GoKart's     vetting process ensures caring and safe drivers who are moms themselves.  Parents can book a single ride or multiple rides and can choose their own driver.

Road Amico

Road Amico is the first ever web, mobile and GPS enabled platform for curated, experiential learning. Narrative and visually rich, it incorporates text, images, video and audio to provide a comprehensive learning experience that is interactive, shareable and global. Road Amico shatters the classroom wall and opens up the curriculum, creating a sustainable educational community while freeing professors to teach in a way that engages students like never before.


helps collegiate athletic departments thrive by providing tools to boost fan engagement and encourage revenue growth. We help invigorate different internal, sustainable revenue sources, such as ticketing, merchandise and donations. Our primary solution will be a SaaS platform suite for data warehousing, predictive analytics and campaign management.                                              


is a B2B service that solves marketplace integration problems for eCommerce companies. FeedStation's turnkey, cloud-based approach helps companies increase marketplace revenues without disrupting operations.

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is the ultimate travel fitness membership. Localfit gives members access to over 5,000 premier health clubs and class-based studios while traveling. Utilizing cutting-edge location and card solutions, Localfit gives members unprecedented access to the nations best fitness facilities at an incredible value. Download the Localfit app and get started today!


Data Bend disrupts the data solutions industry by providing a comprehensive platform to integrate data from many incompatible sources and put that data to work.  Mechenai was founded with the mission of developing disruptive technologies that change the landscape of industries. 



So Good Pupusas

is a social justice food truck working for the non-profit Pupusas for Education to promote cultural appreciation and higher education through pupusas and scholarships.                  


uses mnemonics to create a fun interactive and social educational app that can be used amongst friends and allows healthcare graduate students to efficiently learn about the most common drug facts.     



is an early stage marketplace that focuses on generating bottom-up economic growth through the active engagement of the startup community by providing a transparent data and investment hub that caters not only to startups and investors but also to the many other key members and organizations within the community who are dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs. 



is fantasy sports betting - a free game that combines Vegas-style bets with the competitive, head-to-head nature of classic fantasy.  


is a digital magazine that crowdsources the best creative writing from around the world and curates it with machine learning. Our goal is to become the premier digital publication and curator of creative works. 


Cohort 6


helps brands cost-effectively inspire creators and engage viewers. Our real-time auction system promotes truly native ads, which people choose to watch. Essentially, we flipped the script, so producers can upload authentic videos before dealing with sponsors.


is a blockchain-enabled database that allows you to work with encrypted data in real time. Modify, analyze, or transmit your information with absolute security and authentication of users/ file integrity. Work with your data without jeopardizing your data.


uses artificial intelligence to personalize the way you shop for clothing online. We learn your style to help you discover items you like.


is a digital wallet that allows you to manage all of your recurring charges in one place. With our new mobile app, replacing a credit card has never been easier.  Our unique capabilities will identify which subscriptions are tied to your old card and update the billing information with the new number.


disrupts an established market by providing data services to civil litigation attorneys before jury selection begins. 


is a simpler way to share roommate expenses, chores, and rent payments.

Virtual Kinetics

gives physical therapists the ability to provide better care in less time by using a cell phone camera to automate routine clinic processes and engage their patients in their own care. With Virtual Kinetics, a physical therapist can use the smartphone camera in their pocket to spend less time measuring a patient and more time helping them get more out of daily life. Patients will also feel more excited in their care by seeing exactly how they are improving week-over-week. 

Cohort 5

Leading Schools Forward

helps leaders create high-performing school cultures and workplaces of choice based on shared values and educational responsibility.  We provide a systematic, step-by-step model for engaging the school in developing and customizing values that are defined with behaviors.  Our process provides the "how to" for integrating the values into operating and people systems. Clients get results with improved outcomes: Student performance, employee engagement, customer (parent) engagement, quality, and safety.


harnesses the power of storytelling to combat global corruption. We create immersive anti-bribery and corruption training games for employees of multinational companies.


develops analytics based on the data you have to deliver the value you need. With the rise of big data and inexpensive storage, companies of all sizes are acquiring vast amounts of data. As a result, companies want to leverage this data for innovation and value. How can companies capitalize on this asset when this is not their specialty? We develop and build insightful analytic prototypes, tools and solutions that balance near-term value and long-term success. 


Cohort 4


is a social app that makes going out simpler, safer, and so much more fun. Send a blip to the friends you'll see or want to see while you're out! You'll show up in real-time on their map until your blip expires or you decide to delete it. 

SWAP Socks

creates uniquely mismatched socks with a mission to generate aid and awareness for the global visual impairment epidemic. Our socks function as a wearable statement to show support for sight, and in the process, they spark natural conversation about the power and privilege of vision, which so many people live without. Every pack sold funds an eye care service someone in need.     

Tribal Intel*

empowers sales organizations to create a social selling environment and strategy that starts with customer engagements and works backwards to capture the key components for success.  We believe the future of sales is not CRM, but a data driven, intelligently automated platform for unifying critical information in order to provide a more effective sales experience.          

Trill Financial*

provides machined learned data analysis to financial institutions. Trill allows asset managers to minimize expensive manual analysis and increase the performance of their portfolios, all in an easy to use, high-level package.


Cohort 3

Academic Benchmarking Consortium

Our mission is to improve decision making within universities

By enabling them to: 
- Truly understand their cost base as tied to key activities
- Ensure spending is properly aligned with their mission
- Compare their key results to peers and allow for best practice sharing

Resulting in: 
- Improved strategic resource allocations
- Better decisions based upon supporting data
- Increased efficiencies and lower costs


is your social media workforce. We train college students to manage social media for small and medium businesses using our proprietary marketing software platform.


is a crowd-sourced recruitment platform. We help recruiters source candidates through personal referrals. Recruiters offer a bounty and anyone with the right connections can earn the bounty by referring candidates. BountyMiner’s ultra low-friction referral platform and targeted marketing get more relevant candidates more quickly than any other source. 


offers students exclusive deals, daily specials, and more from all the dining and nightlife venues in their college town.


is developing a mobile app that allows patrons to pay to skip lines, and allows popular venues to capitalize on excess demand. LineLeader lets venues choose whether to donate these proceeds to a charity of their choice, or retain them as additional revenue. LineLeader will be the fast pass for patrons at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants across the world.


manages all operations of delivery from any small business to any customer in a community. We provide the drivers and technology to make delivery a viable and affordable option for any business.


is a mobile application that solves today’s problem of news clutter by allowing users to effortlessly browse, share, store, and discuss internet articles amongst their personalized network. By providing a simple interface that focuses on article content and fast and efficient browsing, Source refocuses and rethinks how we interact with articles on mobile devices. 


Seal the Seasons

partners with North Carolina farmers to freeze, market, and their locally grown fruits and vegetables, providing our retail and institutional customers with year-round access to local produce.

Textile Solutions*

is a company that helps textile and polymer manufacturing facilities repurpose and recycle industrial byproducts to make first quality products. 

Waterless Buddy’s*

is a waterless car detailing company that provides customers with a wash-while-you-do-anything type of service.






is the first online platform fostering product-based giving. We’re creating the most meaningful and convenient online giving experience for donors, focusing on transparency by allowing direct product donations to reputable nonprofits. For nonprofits, we’re creating a comprehensive “Software as a Service” that provides real time giving data and streamlines the donation, feedback, and tax-deduction processes.


offers frictionless connection for student entrepreneurs to the different components of launching a venture. Inverge gives students the opportunity to become inspired by the ideas and problems that surround them. Inverge connects users with compatible cofounders or teammates based on interests and skill sets. Inverge allows teams to track their progress throughout the entrepreneurial journey. If you are an innovator, and entrepreneur, or student conducting research, Inverge will hold your hand through the daunting process of launching a project.

Sticker Farm

is a children's lifestyle brand celebrating the 'neat' in the ordinary to the extraordinary with a focus on inspiring conscious, creative and caring children. 

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Tom & Jenny's

creates gourmet caramels that naturally prevent cavities. We were founded by Dr. Jenny, a pediatric dentist, after hearing the frustrations of countless patients and their parents who desperately wanted to avoid cavities but couldn't kick their candy habits. We are building a healthy candy and snack brand consumers can trust to be great tasting and great for teeth.

Cohort 2


is a decision engine and networking portal that aims to assist young adults and those exploring career transitions by aligning their career aspirations with life preferences and connecting them with those in the workforce.


is a message and story company that gives people the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories through products that can be sent anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Our mission is to help people connect to others while also giving back to the community and helping people in disadvantaged situations. 

Mamafrica Designs*

aims is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs and economic opportunity.

Cohort 1

The Director Group*

specializes in providing unique services to funeral homes in order to enhance their customer base while increasing their revenue streams. The Director Group’s niche insurance offerings, training and support programs allow funeral directors the opportunity to offer more affordable pre-planning solutions to a broader range of customers.


enables smartphone users to listen to multiple televisions through their phone and to choose the television audio they are interested in listening to, and to change the audio stream to another television simply and effortlessly.

Emerging Frontiers*

is a crowd-sourced provider of financial news and analysis for the world’s frontier and emerging markets. The company seeks to disrupt the financial services industry through the merging of crowdfinance, impact investing and private equity. Emerging Frontiers will provide Main Street with the same opportunities that have always been available to Wall Street.


Perserver8 provides job training and life skills education to adults with High-Functioning Autism. Persever8 prepares trainees for technology-sector opportunities, such as programming, software testing, data entry, and data cleansing.


is a mobile, location-based social network that looks to mimic your offline social life online. 

Resound Magazine*

is a national digital music magazine network that covers college community music scenes through locally focused, student-run branches.


develops efficient and accurate acoustics software for architects and engineers and outdoor acoustics solutions for urban designers as well as audio content creation tools for sound designers in the film, television and video games industries.


is a site dedicated to local commerce and is currently focused on the Chapel Hill & Carrboro, NC community. It's mission is to promote and explore ways to leverage technology to strengthen local commerce and communities.

Acris Pharmaceuticals

is a opportunistic pharmaceutical company that combines traditional investment and venture philanthropy strategies to provide a balanced approach that is unique, innovative, and responsible.


provides a quick and easy way to track, manage and file the sales and hospitality taxes for your vacation rental home.


provides a quick and easy way to track, manage and file the sales and hospitality taxes for your vacation rental home.

Let's Chip In*

Let's Chip In facilitates convenient group giving for life's important occasions.

Keona Health

helps providers put down the phone and see more patients. Their online triage system reduces the amount of staff resources that need to be dedicated to triage and allows providers to focus staff on billable services. 


Gift Boogle

is a collaborative gift-giving network that nurtures connection, authenticity, and love with the right gift at the right moment. 


Hypestarter is a way to follow the calendars of your favorite people, venues and organizations.

Get Spiffy

Get Spiffy provides convenient, trusted, professional mobile car washing and detailing services to affluent consumers.

A Ban Against Neglect*

is a non-profit organization in Accra, Ghana working to empower street girls while cleaning up the environment.

Zip Services*

is a commercial laundry and linen service provider focused on disrupting a $35B industry with simple pricing and great service.


Block distractions, be productive, and start accomplishing more. 

Cohort 0

Sanitation Creations*

offers environmentally-friendly, hygienic sanitation solutions that are odorless, waterless, and economical with a focus on the 2.5 billion people without access to sanitation.  [ facebook • twitter ]


is the brand America will trust to navigate the future of end of life health care communication and reimbursement.


NanoOncology is a biotechnology startup dedicated to developing and delivering more effective cancer treatments with fewer adverse effects.  NanoOnocology harnesses the powerful, targeted chemotherapeutics with dramatically reduced toxicity profiles.  

betty's better bread.jpg

Simply B Gluten Free*

makes take-and-bake gluten-free and dairy-free bread products for both restaurants and grocery stores. Our breads are so delicious - you won't believe it!


Turnsmith provides a lean inventory replenishment platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP/MRP systems to allow manufacturers to improve inventory performance.

Level Logic

offers the first self-leveling picture hanging technology, saving time and energy by eliminating the need to level frames ever again.