Let’s Chip In Wins UNC’s Triangle Start-up Weekend

On Friday, Nov 15, entrepreneurial participants at Triangle Start-up Weekend voted for the top start-up ideas and then self-selected themselves into teams. The winning idea, Let's Chip In, was the brain child of Jeff Henriod, a second-year MBA student at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. This soon-to-be first time father had an idea to create a website and app that helps new parents raise friends-and-family money for significant purchases, such as a baby crib. Henriod’s concept did well in first-round voting, attracting potential teammates from among the 86 aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance. 

Annalisa Winther, a UNC Kenan-Flagler undergraduate student and Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education Fellow and  two local software developers, Andrew Ice and Leonel Galan, rounded out the team of eight and were critical in developing a working minimal viable product by mid-way through the weekend. This gave Henriod and Winther a chance to test the idea with potential customers and raise early revenue – a winning feature for the judges who awarded Let’s Chip In first prize on Sunday.

As the winning venture, Let’s Chip In will get a six-month lease at 1789 Venture Lab, an incubator for younger businesses in downtown Chapel Hill, as well as free consultation from marketing, social enterprise, accounting and legal professionals.  

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