Impulsonic Receives SBIR Grant for Cloud-Based Acoustic Service

Recently, the National Science Foundation awarded Impulsonic an SBIR Phase I grant to develop a cloud based acoustic simulation service. We are so excited to see one of our business accelerator ventures receive such high recognition and reward for their hard work.

Their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project aims to develop new ways of using cloud computing to accurately model acoustics in buildings.  For this project, Inpulsonic will develop new algorithms to carefully manage data exchange and evenly distribute the simulation work across multiple compute nodes. This will allow for much faster acoustic simulation. It will also make it practical to reliably model the acoustics of large spaces for all audible sound frequencies. More generally, increased use of acoustic simulation will lead to better sounding spaces for everyone: classrooms that are more conducive to learning, hospitals that more conducive to healing, more enjoyable theaters, and quieter homes. It's Impulsonic's goal to train the next generation of architects to think about acoustics at an earlier point in the design phase.

To read more about this project and grant, click here.