Current Ventures

Academic Benchmarking Consortium

Our mission is to improve decision making within universities

By enabling them to: 
- Truly understand their cost base as tied to key activities 
- Ensure spending is properly aligned with their mission 
- Compare their key results to peers and allow for best practice sharing 

Resulting in: 
- Improved strategic resource allocations 
- Better decisions based upon supporting data 
- Increased efficiencies and lower costs


is the first online platform fostering product-based giving. We’re creating the most meaningful and convenient online giving experience for donors, focusing on transparency by allowing direct product donations to reputable nonprofits. For nonprofits, we’re creating a comprehensive “Software as a Service” that provides real time giving data and streamlines the donation, feedback, and tax-deduction processes.



is your social media workforce. We train college students to manage social media for small and medium businesses using our proprietary marketing software platform.

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Tom and Jenny's

creates gourmet caramels that naturally prevent cavities. We were founded by Dr. Jenny, a pediatric dentist, after hearing the frustrations of countless patients and their parents who desperately wanted to avoid cavities but couldn't kick their candy habits. We are building a healthy candy and snack brand consumers can trust to be great tasting and great for teeth.



is a crowd-sourced recruitment platform. We help recruiters source candidates through personal referrals. Recruiters offer a bounty and anyone with the right connections can earn the bounty by referring candidates. BountyMiner’s ultra low-friction referral platform and targeted marketing get more relevant candidates more quickly than any other source. 


offers frictionless connection for student entrepreneurs to the different components of launching a venture. Inverge gives students the opportunity to become inspired by the ideas and problems that surround them. Inverge connects users with compatible cofounders or teammates based on interests and skill sets. Inverge allows teams to track their progress throughout the entrepreneurial journey. If you are an innovator, and entrepreneur, or student conducting research, Inverge will hold your hand through the daunting process of launching a project.

Sticker Farm

is a children's lifestyle brand celebrating the 'neat' in the ordinary to the extraordinary with a focus on inspiring conscious, creative and caring children. 


offers students exclusive deals, daily specials, and more from all the dining and nightlife venues in their college town.

Tenant Ventures


Director Group logo

The Director Group

specializes in providing unique services to funeral homes in order to enhance their customer base while increasing their revenue streams. The Director Group’s niche insurance offerings, training and support programs allow funeral directors the opportunity to offer more affordable pre-planning solutions to a broader range of customers.

Emerging Frontiers

is a crowd-sourced provider of financial news and analysis for the world’s frontier and emerging markets. The company seeks to disrupt the financial services industry through the merging of crowdfinance, impact investing and private equity. Emerging Frontiers will provide Main Street with the same opportunities that have always been available to Wall Street.


enables smartphone users to listen to multiple televisions through their phone and to choose the television audio they are interested in listening to, and to change the audio stream to another television simply and effortlessly.



Perserver8 provides job training and life skills education to adults with High-Functioning Autism.  Persever8 prepares trainees for technology-sector opportunities, such as programming, software testing, data entry, and data cleansing.


is a message and story company that gives people the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories through products that can be sent anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Our mission is to help people connect to others while also giving back to the community and helping people in disadvantaged situations. 

Mamafrica Designs

aims is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs and economic opportunity.


helps large scale water users reduce, reuse and rethink their current water consumption and intensity through unique processes, products and expertise for the underserved market of users seeking to develop integrated solutions.

Past Ventures


Resound Magazine

is a national digital music magazine network that covers college community music scenes through locally focused, student-run branches.

Sanitation Creations

offers environmentally-friendly, hygienic sanitation solutions that are odorless, waterless, and economical with a focus on the 2.5 billion people without access to sanitation.  [ facebook • twitter ]

Gift Boogle

is a collaborative gift-giving network that nurtures connection, authenticity, and love with the right gift at the right moment. 


NanoOncology is a biotechnology startup dedicated to developing and delivering more effective cancer treatments with fewer adverse effects.  NanoOnocology harnesses the powerful, targeted chemotherapeutics with dramatically reduced toxicity profiles.  


develops efficient and accurate acoustics software for architects and engineers and outdoor acoustics solutions for urban designers as well as audio content creation tools for sound designers in the film, television and video games industries.


is a site dedicated to local commerce and is currently focused on the Chapel Hill & Carrboro, NC community. It's mission is to promote and explore ways to leverage technology to strengthen local commerce and communities.

Get Spiffy

Get Spiffy provides convenient, trusted, professional mobile car washing and detailing services to affluent consumers.


is a mobile, location-based social network that looks to mimic your offline social life online. 

80 Percent Solutions 

creates and distributes the innovative productivity software Freedom ( and Anti-Social ( 


is the brand America will trust to navigate the future of end of life health care communication and reimbursement.

Keona Health

helps providers put down the phone and see more patients. Their online triage system reduces the amount of staff resources that need to be dedicated to triage and allows providers to focus staff on billable services. [ linkedin • facebook • twitter ]

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Betty’s Better Breads

makes take-and-bake gluten-free and dairy-free bread products for both restaurants and grocery stores. Our breads are so delicious - you won't believe it!

A Ban Against Neglect

is a non-profit organization in Accra, Ghana working to empower street girls while cleaning up the environment.


Zip Services

is a commercial laundry and linen service provider focused on disrupting a $35B industry with simple pricing and great service.


Hypestarter is a way to follow the calendars of your favorite people, venues and organizations.

Let's Chip In

Let's Chip In facilitates convenient group giving for life's important occasions.


Turnsmith provides a lean inventory replenishment platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP/MRP systems to allow manufacturers to improve inventory performance.


provides a quick and easy way to track, manage and file the sales and hospitality taxes for your vacation rental home.

Level Logic

offers the first self-leveling picture hanging technology, saving time and energy by eliminating the need to level frames ever again.


is a decision engine and networking portal that aims to assist young adults and those exploring career transitions by aligning their career aspirations with life preferences and connecting them with those in the workforce.

Acris Pharmaceuticals

is a opportunistic pharmaceutical company that combines traditional investment and venture philanthropy strategies to provide a balanced approach that is unique, innovative, and responsible.